Referral program and a “minor” inconvenience…

After I noticed that Sherman Rev is available in referral program I managed to bring over a friend to play the game and we finally managed to complete the program.

And when I opened the tank selection window this is how it looked like:

Not that many tanks to pick from… And where is Sherrev?

I remembered that I've been playing it as a rental long ago and it can still be in my garage.

There it is. I had rentals disabled and completely forgot they exist.

Sold the rental, wasted 3 tokens (this is mean, WG – you want tokens or whatever else there is for removing equipment from tanks you know are temporary). After that I refreshed the referral window and I could finally get the tank:

Rev is back on the list. And I get it- when I remove my other rentals they'll be back on the list! Brilliant!

And now the main issue the thread is about:

Other than the Rev I'm not playing rentals at all, because quite frankly- I don't care about them. And I think many people aren't playing their rentals for whatever the reason can be (stats, impossible to get MoEs in a few battles they have, lack of crews – you name it).

Let's say you want to get a tank but you have it it as a rental:

You have to play it in rental mode first and then sell it (and waste tokens or whatever but let's skip it) and ONLY THEN you can get your reward tank. Because you can't remove rentals that you have never been playing before:

"Remove" option greyed out.

Don't you think we should have an option of removing a tank we don't want in our garage at any given moment without the need of playing them?


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