Referral program invite for new players to earn rewards.

I'm wanting to give invites to new or returning players to help them out, give them rewards, etc… and also perhaps create this thread for others to do so as well. NA PC server, I play on USC. Stuff you can earn includes a free tank, bonds, emblems, inscriptions, camo, 2d tank style.

Here's my invite link available for the first 2 people (2 per each referral period) that want it: Please don't use it unless you actually plan on starting a new account (or returning after not having played within the last 60 days) and playing enough so we can both earn all the rewards. Thanks.

Here's more information regarding how the program works and the different rewards, etc.

I'd be glad to offer some help in-game when time permits, I've played for several years and have a good record. My in-game name is Dain_Ironfoot_

Thanks, take care.


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