Regarding new Artillery

Firstly let me state that I don’t want a flame war. I understand artillery is annoying, but artillery players just got a massive slap in the face by wargaming and I don’t appreciate it.

Let me explain.

The M53/55 was accurate enough before 1.13 to hit, and splash with stun damage most of the time on slow/stationary targets. It gets more difficult to hit fast targets but if you’re a good shot, you could do it.

The fundamental issues before 1.13 were health kits removing stun. I understand the need to remove stun and I agree it should stay, but an arty player needs some compensation for burning your first aid kit.

As it stands, the primary issue is that arty players get terrible XP because removing stun is removing their contribution to a fight for the next 20-60 seconds or so.

Removing stun and reducing the splash range of a shell that does more damage is terrible. You lose the XP from stun, you have a significantly higher chance to miss because of the splash range, and you get a minor damage increase as a benefit.

New HE shells are not worth using.

Then, we have AP, which has further reduced efficiency because there is no accuracy buff, you literally have to hit directly or you are screwed. And 70% of my AP shells have been completely useless even on a hit.

Make no mistake, this update was an artillery nerf. I think it needs to be reworked yet again.


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