Release Royal Screwing and Financial Grab!

OK so this ends up being a direct financial screwing of the user community.
You had the equipment Saturday on all your tanks, but on Monday when they do an update Wargaming is going to rip you off, and make you overpay for what you already had on your tanks. Wargaming recommends selling current equipment that was already on tanks and take a 50% loss!!!! Then over pay for what you already had!!! If this is not a financial raping I dont know what it is! Since I started playing Tanks and Ships when ships was in Beta around 2015-2016 I have spent over $5,000.00 American dollars on these games. More than all the other entertainment in my life. Starting today Wargaming will receive ZERO dollars from me period. This is the absolute worst customer service screwing in all my life! Wargaming just lost a customer! I will start Playing Elite Dangerous and spend my gaming money there!


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