Request to Wargaming: Please make the Objectives inaccessible without capping all the Bases!!!

Wargaming, please consider the situation in Frontline! People, at least in my Server, are going to destroy the Objectives even when there is enough time left!!! IN every match we are getting 2-3 Generals only and sometimes we are getting not even one General in a match due to this! I suggest that please make the Objectives out of bound, like the uncapped zones are, so that people have to cap all the Bases before going even near the Objectives… As far as I know, win/lose doesn't matter in this Game mode so why not prolong the game so that both parties can earn some more damage and credit vice versa ? Now, in my Server most of the people don't speak English and all I see are Box languages almost all the time on the screen! So, Wargaming should take the initiative, I don't think it will need too much on their part to alter the code so as to make the Objectives safe from attacking unless all the Zones are capped!

11 fuckin minutes left and my enemy team has already destroyed 2 and half Objectives!!!


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