Resetting account because of stat shaming? Yes or no?

Long time ago I stopped playing WoT, although I was quite good, but I didn't have time anymore. So I sold the account. Some years later, I bought an account, as I enjoyed playing high tier and I hate to grind days and days to get the one tank I really want to play.

But now there is a problem: Although now I'm good with the account (700-800 avg. Exp), the account that I bought already had 11k battles with 200-300 avg. Exp. So sadly, it was a bot account. Now I'm deep in the reds with my WN8 and I get shamed alot by players with XVM. That "motivated" me to think about resetting my account, so that I can build a new wn8 on my own. I would keep my premium tanks, days and Gold but I will lose EVERYTHING ELSE including bonds, reward vehicles and all crews.

I don't know what I should do: Fck all those stat shamers, or reset the account? I keep thinking about this often. How important are stats to you? Or do you say fck it, I'm in for the lolz?

(PS: I can't just make a new account because I have several premiums. Including Obj.274a that I couldn't buy in the near future.)


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