Returning player after 6 years: Impression

Wow. Is that what it's like to be a new WoT player? Entering the game for the first time since 2014 or so was a very unsettling experience. A completely sluggish garage coupled with a million and one blinking, colourful signs and info bars. Just restoring my settings was a hassle. Then trying to gather which of the roughly 100+ red dots signifying "new" or "interesting" things to look at. Then into battle. Lost all of my skills and to be honest not going to try and regain them. The experience was not fun. I don't mind losing and being a noob, but the interface and all the animated info, coupled with the extra bling that covers EVERY aspect of the game just made it a terrible experience. 18000 games played up til 2015 but could only stand to play 3 now before realizing I wasn't having any fun.

I want a straight forward game where I don't have to have a second career in interpreting interfaces just to be able to enjoy the game. All my equipment on all my 80+ tanks had been partially removed. Understandable, but one of the few things the game DIDN'T try to tell me about. The graphics might be prettier but graphics was never what got me into wot.

Should I persist? Is there a clean and concise game beneath all the pink rubbish? Or is this what an "old" player can expect?


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