Returning player

Recently returned after not playing for 5 years and desperately trying to relearn the game. Other than the new maps and reworked older maps, new tanks, and a new meta that I’ve noticed I also noticed quite a bit of lopsided matches. Especially on certain tanks like the Sturer Emil and amx 13 75 (tanks that I was trying to grind before I stopped playing). Like my games are barely lasting for more than 6 mins before my entire team and I gets decimated and then after a couple of losses I one wining team absolutely decimating the enemy team… I don’t remember games being this quick and one sided this often.

When I left I had a win ratio a bit over 53%. Is the game purposely throwing me into one sided matches to bring down my win ratio?

The sturer Emil was simply unplayable so I decided to free exp to the Rhm borsig and instantly enjoyed the tank but experiencing even more lopsided matches.

TLDR: Teams incredibly lopsided and wondering if Wargaming changed the MM algorithm.


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