Returning to the game after 7 years. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Is there somewhere I can find some up to date map guide videos?

There is seemingly an insane amount of new content in the game compared to when I stopped playing. A bunch of new lines/nations, old lines reworked with new tanks, old tanks changed, new maps, most old maps changed, crazy amount of missions I cant keep track of, new modes, events all the time, new currency, new equipment/consumables, etc. etc.

I was a great player back in the day, around 9k battles with a "great" WN rating overall and unicum WN if looking at just the last 4-5k, ignoring the tomato stage when I was learning how to play. But now I feel out of depth. A lot of the tanks I had that were considered decent or good seem to be outclassed by better new ones, I have no clue where I should go on most maps.

I can just keep playing and watch some videos to learn most of the new and changed tanks, and most of the other stuff will sink in with time, but I would really like to accelerate my knowledge of all the maps since I feel that's going to take a long time otherwise, playing solo and whatnot. Is there any content creator that does a good job of making video guides on maps, explaining how the battle usually shapes up, showing good positions for each class of tanks, etc. ?


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