Returning WoT player from nearly a decade ago. Some questions!

Hey /r/WorldofTanks!

I played this game 8+ years ago (possibly from beta, don't remember) and played for several years. I'm looking to get back into it! I do have some questions though:

Here is my current garage.

  1. Is there any tank in here that is particularly rare and cool? Something that really stands out that you don't see very often?

  2. Of these tanks, are any of them top tier for their tier? For example, back when I played the best Tier 5 tanks were the KV Heavy and the M4 Medium Tank, and the best tier 6 was Hellcat.

  3. Is it still the norm to play at Tier 5-6 for money-making, or play the highest tier premium tanks for money-making? Back in the day the Type-59 was known to be the best way for farm cash

  4. What exactly should I do? What should be my goal now? I have most of the US tech tree unlocked, but not much else. In general, I am more concerned with doing well in the best tanks at any given tier rather then just playing Tier X, as this would allow me to get stats up which seem to be how you got into a clan (atleast back then). But at this point I am probably just looking to have a good time and maybe do something unique with what I have.

Thanks for any help, I'm excited to play again!


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