Reviews on the NA discounted UK LT line

Someone had a question about the UK LT line that is on discount in NA now. Here's a short compilation of info from the the top-notch Russian players (all vids are in Russian, but you can watch the gameplay/EQ setups).

This guy is an expert on LT and tank reviews. He claims the line is good for it's combination of concealment and view range. Good penetration as well. If you rely on DPM, this line may not be good for you, it's a "view assist" line. GSOR is the weakest link there. Note, these are pre EQ 2.0 reviews.
Summary on UK tanks: (skip if you don't know Russian)
Gameplay stream reviewing all UK LTs:

Equipment 2.0 testing for Manticores from the top-notch players. Scroll the vids, the first has other tanks as well, the 2nd link has Manticore view range vs masking and T100-LT vs EBR testing on different setups.

Said that, I don't see many other streamers playing that line, French and USSR are still meta (skip EBR discussion), though played mostly for the dmg.

Hope it helps.


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