RIP My Chance To Win The Platoon Challenge (NA)

I would encourage everyone to go to this wargaming link and click "redeem code" if you ever play in platoons with friends or accept platoon requests in game from random players: That way you will not miss out on a cool opportunity that I did…

I was in a random battle a couple days ago and ended up platooning with two other random players half way through the game. We ended up going on to kill all 15 players on the enemy team between the 3 of us (yes I realize we were top tier). After the battle one of the other people in the platoon mentioned to me that this platoon challenge was going on (but he did not know you had to redeem the code). I then went to the website and saw that we had to redeem the code. I clicked the link and then contacted wargaming to see if they could allow us to be in the running but they said that we could not as it was against the rules.

I understand that rules are rules but many players like myself don't have time to visit the website every day and can easily miss such things. I don't see why they could not award this to any platoon during the week that had an incredible result (I believe they used to do open challenges in the past). I am a casual player getting into WoT a little more seriously now but I don't believe I have ever had a result like this before during my playtime (9+ years). I really would have liked to to win but my small condolence is that I will be featuring the replay on my YouTube channel sometime this coming weekend.


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