I know that the nerf was a couple of years ago now, but does anyone know why they nerfed rng?

Just came from a 6/14 hits game in the 277 where 2 shots on the flush side of jagdtiger didnt penetrate and 2 of the shots were ghostshelles. (Excelent servers u got there wg) Just please can someone explain why rng has to be that bad, does anyone truly find it fun to miss shot after shot after shot.

I know they wont change it but goddamn it hurts. Feels like servers had been shit lately to… hope wg used some of the money they earned from lootboxes for better player expirence this year.

Edit: nothing to do with the game, but my pc crashed right after that game. Like ragequitted for me. Turned it back on to find the replay and it shuts down again And it wont go back on.

Feels like wg just noticed how its impossible to bounce double shot of a jagdtiger and two Shells just disapearing.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kfqza8/rng/

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  • Badger 23.12.2020 in 23:18

    Pres #2 key and spend more credits…

    Ohh only play Russian tanks but don’t shoot other Russian tanks for and immediate boost in RNG level..

    Spend more money and wargaming won’t care. Vasily will just get richer..

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