Road to Berlin, but there is no Road, just Pain

Here is a short list of things that annoy the hell out of me while playing this game mode:

(Quick Note: I only played with the tier 1 tanks)

The Alpha of the Enemy

This is not as bad when facing the Pz 4, but a tiger being able to 2-shot the mediums and td's or 3-shoting the heavies is just too much. Don't get me started on the Ferdinand, this thing is way to strong.

The Maps

There are only 3, which is a little bit lacking, but at least they have different versions. But, they are aweful. Not only do you have to push them while they can sit in hull-down positions (i am looking at you, Jagdpanther and Ferdinand), WG was also blocked off some streets so you can only attack them from 2, max.3 ways. This is extremely bad when pushing the Commander-Tanks on Kvelburg, because on the left, they can sit hull-down behind undestructable walls and on the right, there is a Ferdinand. Yes, you could drive all the way around the map, but that takes too much time.


While it is funny seeing a Churchill IV speeding past you, the tank is utter garbage because of the shitty turret. And like all Churchills, way too slow when not boosted. And while you can't really pen the front of the Panthers, they can pen your front of the turret easily, especially in the Sherman. Also, the Su-85M is not very good since most of the fights are in close ranges and no one has enough view range to spot for them.


Hummels constantly hitting and sometimes even penetrating you (happened in to me in the Churchill) is annoying as fuck. Also, the arty strikes that are placed on your current position wouldn't be as bad, but they sometimes still fire and thereby forcing you out of position while the enemy starts attacking and shooting you.


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