Road to Berlin – why so frustrating?

There were some memes, but will try to explain in more detail.

Some background first. I liked previous event (the one with fuel tanks needed to play battle) and managed to get both prizes. It wasn't perfect, but it was new and fun. Right now I'm on second stage of road to Berlin, with second stage tanks, having many x15 unused, as I saved them for higher tiers.

I was happy to hear about road to Berlin, especially that there were some rumors about better enemy AI. Instead I find road to Berlin as the most frustrating mode ever. That's why:

  1. Seems like there's no fog of war for the enemy tanks. Got shot many times instantly after being spotted, even before 6th sense activated, so enemy was already aiming at me. The same with arties – if you get spotted, they will hit you, even if you manage to become not visible and change position.
  2. Seems like there's no aim time for the enemies. They shot like they are already focused, even if moving or rotating turret, without need to focus.
  3. Low/no dispersion for enemies. They almost always hit, even if you make dodging moves or are mostly covered. Show a bit of turret to make a shot to the moving enemy and… you will be hit and penetrated, most of the time.
  4. Your tanks are made of paper. Even weakest enemies can penetrate most of the time, bouncing is rare. It's true even for HTs and TDs and completely different from random games, where right placed tank can bounce most bullets, and will ding at least some unless placed very bad against enemy (side/back).
  5. Tunnel maps. Some city maps are literally tunnels, but most maps are designed to play from specific direction, without possibility to flank.
  6. Not effective power ups. There are some power ups like katiushas, bombing etc. and they are effective against normal enemies, but they don't give real advantage over hard target, like enemy TD blocking tunnel or the bosses.
  7. Not enough time. Usually I don't complete the mission because of the time. Even 2-3 players playing very well can't win, if they are on a bad map. Power ups too weak, playing against well placed enemy takes time, no chance to flank. Also maps are large and tanks are slow.

Some of weaknesses mentioned above would not be critical alone, but combined they provide awful playing experience. That's a pity, because the idea for the mode is pretty interesting.


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