Sandbox HE Change – Help me understand the future use cases

Hello fellow redditors,

I have been testing the Sandbox HE mechanic but I have so far been unable to understand the future use cases of the new HE.

HE is a shell with very little effective use cases at the moment that I mostly use to decap with exceptions for key vehicles.
On the other hand making HE more effective versus lightly armored vehicles while having the lowest shell velocity isn't a good combo to have.

The are also less options to counter-play He shells, such as showing your tracks to "eat" or mitigate the HE shell or the use of destructible cover.

While the need to aim is an improvement, I feel the loadout on the majority of my tanks would most likely skip HE altogether. I cannot justify the need for this shell.

So I am asking for your help, specifically on how you would use this new HE shell and why, if possible with ingame examples.



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