Sandboxserver Part 1: First Impression of the First Iteration of Ammo Revision

So it is time again. I want to share my first impressions of the first Iteration of Sandbox server. Lets just make first a TL:DR of what happened:

  1. Lowtiers got a lot more hp
  2. In general through mid to hightier we got an increase of roughly 25% HP
  3. In general we got roughly an increase of damage on standard rounds of 35% on mid to hightier tanks
  4. Premium rounds stay as is. Same dmg as live, same pen as live
  5. most HE's where not touched yet
  6. not all tanks are on the sandbox server. Most prominent missing is JgPzE100 and FV 4005 Stage II

That should be enough as a recap. I also put my first impressions down in a video over here


Just to be all on the same page. I consider Tier 1 to Tier 4 as lowtier. In general I had a lot of pleasure playing lowtiers. It was fun and was faaaar less punishing then how it is right now. Gold ammo do slightly less damage and you get rewarded for using standard ammo but it is not over ridiculous. The games take longer, when you make a mistake it was not too big of a deal. Only thing I saw is that I got smacked by a machine gun which killed very quickly my two crewmembers in the Renault FT. Other then that. I am very happy with what they did with lowtiers. Only problem I saw where derp guns like Hetzer. It now has a 470 Alpha gun…. That is VERY strong for its tier even though they all got more HP

Mid to Hightier:

This is where the problems start. At T6 you start to face guns of SU-100 which smack your face for 525 DMG. Yes you got more HP too but that is just… very much ouch. A very prominent Example I have for you is that from T7 onwards the Time to Kill ( T2K) goes down. I played the french TD's up to T10. The Old AMX AC 46, T7 TD of le baguettes has 820 HP. If you get hit by a Russian 122mm gun you lose on average 390 DMG. So now we can caluclate 820/390 = 2.1 This means we need 2.1 shots to finish off an AC 46 if we are a russian 122mm gun on the live server. So we gotta be lucky to two shot him.

Now on the sandbox server there is a different picture. You now got a decent 1050 HP to spare. BUT the same russian 122mm gun deals now 525 dmg on average. Make the same calculation and you get. 1050/525 = 2.0. Means now you only need on average 2 shots to kill an AC 46. So basically our surviability on higher tiers dropped down.

Another example would be AC 48 vs T-44.

T-44 on Liveserver has 1300 HP and the AC 48 has a clippotential of 1200 with its 3×400 dmg clip. So oneclipping an T-44 needs quite some luck and a total of 100 HP more dmg then you got on average.

On the Sandboxserver this 100 HP go all the way down to 30. The T-44 now has 1650 HP on Sandbox but your new AC 48 has 3×540 Alpha which gives you 1620 Clip potential. Coupled with a wider spread of damage you can do already see that there is a higher chance of one clipping your target.

One last example which was made with the help by Veroxx from TAP's spreadsheet:

The changes of T10 Vehicles

The old Batchat has a clip potential of 390*5 = 1950. Which is pretty hefty. It can not clip all the T10 heavies, the E50M, M48 Patton, Obj 268V4, T100e4 and Badger. With its new 525 Dmg gun it has the potential to clip for 525*5 = 2625

And now when we look at the changes of HP suddenly it can clip every T10 Medium in the game and every single TD in the Sandboxserver. That is a HUGE difference….

And we just looked at same tiered opponents. When you look at +-2mm you will see even more two shots then ever. That is just frustrating to play. Lastly you just feel like an idiot for playing tanks which have weakspots like Foch B or E-100 or E5.

Just play IS-7 oder 268V4 and laugh at the enemy which bounces off your upper hull and turret while you smack their faces for 670 and 915 dmg respectively.

In Conclusion:

First iteration lowtier feels great. Some derp guns are still too strong but other then that I had a lot of fun. As soon as you get into hightiers its over. Fun is gone. We got now World of TwoShots. This is incredible bad for game health. Remember Pre Alpha nerf of TD's? This is basically the same deal. Just that everybody now has a bigger gun.

We got on average an 35% increase of DMG but only 25% increase of HP. WHERE DOES THIS MATH MAKE SENSE GUYS?


Rhm Borsig with 15cm gun can roll up to 1300+ dmg. This means it can oneshot most other T8 TD's on Sandbox as well as most T7 Meds and TD's. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I also recorded two live gameplays to show you a bit how it looks and also give you my real emotions over here.

What comes up next

I want to take some time to think about what I would do. I want to share two ideas. One which polishes the Idea WG showed us on the Sandboxserver and one which is a complete Ammonition Overhaul which I want to plan out a bit.

I will obviously try to post them over here on reddit as well as on YouTube so feel free to give me a sub there too 😉

Anyway, I can not promise when I am able to do it as I got finals to work for and they are more important then WoT and YouTube. Those are my Hobbies. Studying is my job

Kind Regards



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