Shells never leaving the gun

Past 48 hours I've had probably 50% of the shots I've fired, feel like they never left the gun barrel.

Arty – No tracer visible while in arty mode, sometimes it would show damage done to tanks, sometimes nothing at all despite firing.

Tanks/TDs – Would fire, shell would be consumed, no visible shell in game. Often accompanied by the animation as if the shell impacted something within the barrel/immediatly infront of the tank despite clear lines of sight.

Getting really frustrating because I've been perfectly lined up in an udes, or any other tank really, with a clear shot that has 0% chance of missing at least, only to have no shot actually take place, but I'm still spotted.

It doesn't feel like a ghost shell… feels like server lag or something is causing the timing of the shot to not line up with the tanks position perhaps…

Any one had similar experiences recently? Or in the past?


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