Should there be a limit on how much gold (or “special”) ammunition can be loaded into a tank?

Back in patch 0.7.0, you could only load 5 rounds of APCR into an IS-7; that was the hard limit. You couldn't buy it for credits, and you had to spend gold to get it. When the 0.7.0 server came back, I never had a game where it felt like my armor didn't matter because gold was just being shot through it. You also had 7 arty on each team but we'll ignore that for right now.

Personally I do feel like there still should be that hard cap that is assigned to every tank in the game tier 4 and above, and just remove premium ammo from tiers 3 and below completely. Obviously the limit would be more generous than 5 rounds in today's game, because there are a lot more tanks that have a lot of armor.

I'd love to know what you guys think about gold ammo usage, and if it should change.

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