Simple solution to equipment changes

I believe there is a simple solution for equipment changes. Although it won't affect the incoming change and patch, it may work in the future. Some background first.

Changes require resources. To make any change in the game, even a bad one, like the one incoming for the equipment, you need resources. In this case – money. Without money you can't make any change. And changes or so called development are first thing to be cut if you are short of money. Especially complicated or unpopular changes get affected.

So making WG getting less money means they will be less likely to make unpopular changes. One of the greatest sources of money for WG is Christmas lottery known as Christmas boxes. If you are not happy with equipment change, just say "thank you" by letting them know you are not buying any boxes this year and don't buy them.

Of course it's too late to impact incoming change, but it is massive, complicated and I believe it wasn't consulted or even understood by community. I believe it's so complicated to estimate impact, that players with 100+ tanks are unable to do it before patch takes effect.


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