Skip to Rhino?

I and probably many others have enough xp and blueprints saved up to just instantly unlock the Rhino, or at least get very close to it. But will you?

For many reasons, I probably won't.

  1. The entire line, to me, looks dull.
  2. The tier X, changed so many times I'm not even sure what it is anymore, but more likely than not, will just end up CW tank fodder (And it would've benefited from the 105 as an option).
  3. The tier 8, as usual, looks like a direct downgrade to the tier 8 prem. So like the IS-2-II you'll just constantly be thinking "the prem version's better" while you play and just be miserable the whole time no matter how good the tank is.
  4. The tier 7 looks like a Tiger P that's slightly faster, and worse at all else, but I hated the Tiger P anyway.
  5. Black Market's coming sooner or later and I want every credit.

I'd like to hear other people's stance on the new line and their plans to approach it. Ignore it all together? Just grind up it normally? Skip straight to tank you want? etc.


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