Small appreciation post for WZ-120

Last week I unlocked the 121 and, as I do when I finish grinding a high tier tank, I go look at my stats to see if I did well, or if I failed my way to the top.

I can say my WZ grind has been very successful – DPG is pretty low for a Tier 9 tank at a bit more than 1250, averaging one frag per game, and it took less than 100 battles to elite the tank (having grinded the heavy line and the daily exp bonuses from the premium account helped a lot).

Overall winrate at the end – 68.5%

That's massive for my standards (I'm a 52% average), and almost 20% higher than on my T-54. The big gun and the fact that I could play as a pocket heavy made A TON of difference, and allowed me to stay relevant in any match, so long as I did not make mistakes that got me killed (I still do, there's plenty of room to learn). Had to use some gold here and there, but very little compared to today's standards.

Overall, I'm glad I took the time to go down the Chinese medium line, every tank from Type 58 onwards has been a successful grind except T-34-2 on which iirc I have sub-50% winrate but as it is there's no saving that tank, it's the weakest in its tier spread.

I won't claim Chinese mediums are good in the current meta, but I wish more people gave them a chance and toned down the bad press, because this branch certainly does not deserve it (again, except T-34-2).


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