So I get deployed and have to give up my account?

Hey boys. Hope all is well, arty and EBR enthusiasts not included.

I was stateside for about two years grinding my very developed account, with a slew of competitive Tier Xs and a diverse assortment of premiums, many of which I had paid for. But now I’ve been deployed to the Mid East and I’d like to take my favorite childhood hobby with me, so I can relax and play tanks for the few hours I have on the weekends.

But now I hear that Wargaming doesn’t transfer accounts – presumably due to the labor involved in manually recoding it. So is that it? Is there no indirect method or unconventional means of getting my NA account transferred over to here?

The question is really rhetorical, I guess. Wargaming brass doesn’t have a star reputation of caring for their playerbase.

That said, any and all help would be appreciated.


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