So, it takes 30 hours to get those Commanders for free ?

So, it takes around 4 mins to complete a game and if you win you can get 3-4 trophies if you win and 1 if you loose.

let's assume we can win 50% of the games, so that's 25 trophies every 10 games ( 4*5 + 1*5 ).

To get all three commanders we need 60 fragments which means 60*7= 420 trophies.

To get 420 trophies, it's around 168 games (420/25 * 10) that means 4*168=672 mins of gameplay or 11.2 hours.

But there's a cooldown between every 5 games of 40 mins that means if we want to play those 168 games divided into this week 168/7=24 games per day. So, we have to go through 4 cooldowns per day as the 1st five battles won't be on cooldown.

So, that's additional 40*4 = 160 mins per day, 160*7 = 1120 mins or around 18.6 hours of cooldown.

That means it's around 30 hours to get those commanders for free.

Correct me if there are any mistakes. 😀

and I imagine this is what happens @WG when creating these events,

The person who was in charge of this project comes into the briefing room : "I got orders to make this gamemode so grindy that people will just spend 1600 gold/ commander, Any ideas?"
Mr.Balancing the game , in the back : "People didn't like fuel because it was limited, So , let's add a long cooldown between every 5 games and make them think they can play as much as they want"
Mr B's assistant :"oh, and Cooldown should make it so, they have to spend 30 hours in the game to get them for free like a full time job"
Boss : "Great Idea"
Jimmy sitting in the back: "Are we going to change anything from the last racing gamemode?"
Mr.Balancing the game: "Exactly the same but just add other light tanks and give them 3 to choose from, everything else the same"
Boss: "Boys… You are geniuses"


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