So… the 122 TM

Great dispersion and aim time, ridiculous pen and alpha damage, reliable armour and armour profile, man this tank has it all. Except for the reload speed of course, which is why I genuinely believe this tank is balanced. If it had 320 alpha and 210 pen, it would just feel like a worse CS-52 LIS. I feel like it has a defined role as a brawler/bruiser support tank, able to deal high damage reliably and needing to retreat to reload. It incentivizes good decision making and positioning, and punishes you for leaving yourself exposed or alone.

Sure, 400 alpha may seem excessive on a medium but remember, the Chimera exists too. I'm going to get this tank 100%, mainly so I can experience what the Type 59 must have been for players way back when.

Feel free to disagree or agree, but please be polite because the last thing this community needs is more salt


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