So the ammo re-work was postponed from 1.9?

The HP buff for lower tiers (1-6) went through, which is probably a positive change.

The ammo re-work has not gone through.

Someone overnight happened to quote my recommendation from Dec 2018 on the ammo re-work, and I've included it below.

Link to my recommendation:


Before talking about any solution, it's key to understand the two issues with premium ammo in its current state:

1. it is a huge credit sink that puts pressure on the player to spend real money on things (e.g. premium subscription, premium tanks) to boost their credit income

  1. it invalidates the heavy armor of tanks, while leaving those tanks having to deal with all the downsides of bearing heavy armor (poor mobility, poor hull traverse, poor turret traverse, etc)

I'm going to focus on #1 above, because the proposed solution fails to address it.

Reducing the alpha on premium ammo, but still retaining the high cost, does not at all fix the "pay for advantage" (P4A) problem. There are many cases where the silver round won't penetrate, and even if you reduce the damage on the premium round, you're basically forcing the decision: 0 damage or some damage at a higher cost.

Anything that requires customers to pay more for particular ammo is a credit sink and therefore favors paying customers. It's incredibly unhealthy for F2P players, which keep a population healthy and may convert to paying customers.

Literally zero MMO PVP games with meaningful populations – and I do mean zero – support a "magic arrow that costs more" mechanic like WoT does. It's incredibly unhealthy for the game's population and gives WoT a bad reputation.

The best solution would for WoT to adopt a system like what Armored Warfare implemented:

I. all rounds cost roughly the same – therefore no P4A issue
II. all rounds have tradeoffs, so it forces decisions on the player based on the target

A. APCR: highest pen, low damage
B. AP: high pen, medium damage
C. HEAT: med pen, high damage
D. HE: low pen, highest damage

This is the most fair system for all players, paying or F2P.


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