So yes, ranked is HARD. But it’s not at the level I was expecting!

Most people on YouTube and clan-mates adviced not to play the first few days till the really good players do their 20 battles and start moving up the league's.

But I was itching to play some today since I was at home, so I played 4 battles as soon as they opened.

And it wasn't as bad as I thought. Yes there where 3-4 YouTube meta tanks in each team and players with excellent stats, but I didn't die instantly and come dead last in every game as I was expecting.

For context this is the first time I play ranked and my stats are dead average, but I have way too few battles in tier X maybe 100 battles at my most played tier X.

I guess me competing in ranked for the first time this season is a way to fight my "fear" of tier X and the feeling that I don't belong or I'm throwing games because of my lack of uber skills.

I wish the best to everyone participating and pls remember it's a game and we are playing to have fun 😉


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