Some blueprints control.

I had an idea in my mind. Blueprints are actually really quite useful. But the thing I don't like – they too random. You are entering the game, seeing new daily mission with reward of 5 random blueprints. And you think: "Wow, if I get some more insert nation blueprints, I can completely cover insert tank name and get it for free!"
But as you complete this mission you are sometimes rewarded with blueprints with specific vehicles that you NEVER EVER wanted to play. (Like, I don't want SPG or wheeles, don't give me that).
What if there would be an option to close some branches of tech trees for the blueprints? So you don't get any blueprints on the vehicles you don't want. Available for silver credits, but with limit of 3-5 of closed tanks at the time.
Maybe not even ONE branch. Maybe this will be tanks from random classes of random nations, I don't know. I haven't explored every possibility. I just like the idea of not getting blueprints for something I will never ever play.
The point is making this system affordable and not abusive. With silver credit as currency for that – anyone can afford it. But not everyone will use this option as that is not the priority one. Or you can sell this option for bonds – but this will kill that idea completely. Because despite the fact that bonds are earned much easier with the current update, it still has a lot of valuable goods for them. Much more valuable than closing some tanks in tech trees.
Is this idea that absurd?


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