Some ideas for next years Front Line

4 increase the rewords ( since it was linked with battle pass rewords for FL were meh)he intended 10.

So here are some ideas:

1 since you cant spawn in a area with more then 15 tanks and pushing in a great mass is super effective i thought of this:

If in a area there are more then 15 tanks for each tank over 15 you get a -5% crew skill debuff more like a reverse BIA. I thought of this since it would give the defenders a better chance to resist a assault when under numbered and not simply flee.

2 give the defenders a bonus if they won without loosening some sectors or a line .

Lest say 10% extra XP&silver for each sector that was not lost and another 10% for a lone with now lost sectors for a theoretical maximum of +80%

Why ? since as a defender you are sort of incentivized to lose sectors in order to prolong the game and get more ranks and farming time.

3 implement some active static defences at least for the defenders

why? since i feel the attacker has a sort of easy time since it can chose where when and how many attack a sector and some static defenses would at least provide some spotting and make that lose EBR rushing the turrets have to really work for it whey dont need to be strong they can be say T7 HT TD or MD guns with a limited arc of fire and some decent aimbot ( so that they hit like 50-75% of the time in the open a non dodging target ( aka trive in a straight line at semi constant speed)

4 increse the rewords ( since it was linked with battle pass rewords for FL were meh)


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