Some testing with Crew 2.0 conversion machine

This is based on testing using the "Convert Crew" option on their main page :

During the first iteration, some Ytubers like Dezgamez asked themselves how to optimize the conversion from crew 1.0 to 2.0. The best way to do so was by splitting your best crews and putting them in tank with low amount of crewmates (best examples being the Manticore for the UK and ELC AMX Bis for the French). Sadly this option is costly as it requires to change the main role of some of your crewmates, and this requires gold.

Therefore i ve done some testing for more F2P players on how to optimize your crew conversion without spending gold.

Quick disclaimer : on the website, having 50% or 100% of the main qualification doesn t change anything. This could change and therefore make the strat i m going to present less effective.

First, lets convert a 4 members crew with 5 full perks.
Result : a lv 80 commander (the highest possible, after that it's only buffs)

Now, same crew but one has 0 perks instead of 5.
Result : a lv 72 commander

Same crew but two have 0 perks.
Result : a lv 65 commander. Please note that, at this point, this commander still have everything unlocked

Same crew but only one has 5 perks fully trained.
Result : a lv 51 commander. THIS DOES NOT VARY WITH THE ROLE. A 5 skills driver or gunner will give the same result.

So, what would be the best f2p strat here? It depends on what you want. If you have one tank you absolutely love and are only playing this one, than don t bother with this post. However, if you want to have as many average crews as possible, then here s your option.

From one 5 perks crew you can get :
– one lv80 commander.
– one lv72 commander and lv51 commander.
– two lv65 commanders or one lv65 commander and two lv51 commanders.
– four lv51 commanders.

The choice is up to you. Note that, with two lv65 commanders, you are only lacking 15 pts (so one skill and a half) to the lv80 commander. You however have access to the four instructor slots and 3 specialization slots. The grind to lv80 will be painful for sure but at least you ll have two good crews instead of one God crew.

Please note that this stays a relevant f2p strat if, and only if, the level of the main qualification is not taken into account when converting, as it ll allow you to move some members of your good crews on other tanks (and add the required other crewmates with their 50% main qualification but 0 perks) for free. The best conversion strat will remain the one using gold to put your crews on small tanks. Here s a list for each nation :
UK : Manticore (2) (note that this is the only UK tank with 2 crew members, the Cruiser Mk1 has… 6.)
FR : Renault FT (2)
USSR : MS1 (2)
DE : Leichttrakor (2)
USA : T1 (2)
CN : NC31 (2)
JPN : Renault Otsu (2)
CZ : Kolohousenka (2)
PL : 4TP (2)
SWE : Strv m/38 (3)
ITA : Fiat 3000

Most of those tanks are tier 1 so all your crews should be eligible for retraining on them.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you on the battlefield


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