Someone back me up here

So I gave the big UI update a chance, and I can't stand it anymore. We need to legitimately find a way to communicate to wargamming that we want the following changes for the console client!

1) gives us more maps (!!!!)
2) give us death recaps (PLEASE I need to know what tanks one shot me lol)
3) allow us to see upgrade paths on tanks we don't own
4) allow us to look at our commander from tank selection
5) allow us to see detailed stats on different tank components and clearly mark what tanks are what tiers in the battle pass and store

Numbers 2-5 used to be in the game before the shit UI update. Please lol I am not an active member of this reddit page, but I'm at my wits end with this shit. Feel free to add any other issues! But the game used to be so good before the UI update a few months back, and I'm okay with the new systems, but they took away so many features of the game that are necessary for non-casual players.


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