Somethings just never change WoT

After playing WoT for a few years (version 7.5) racking up over 7,600 battles, being a beta tester for WoTBlitz, WoWS I decided to take a break for almost 4 years. I decided to play WoT again. After spending 2 hours trouble shooting the install (kept getting stuck at Loading The Garage) and getting the game to finally work I jump in the game in my old favorite ride the Pz 1 C. Holy crap the game was different. So much has changed, what a different game.

Spent a minute driving around trying to figure everything out, the graphics, the map, the physics….. then I get unceremoniously blown up.

I exit the battle and get a post game message from some random player uninstall the game!

Wow, first game back after such a long break and I’m already being encouraged to uninstall, how awesome is that. Somethings just never change. Oh well back to being a n00b!

TL;TR: first game back after a 4 year break and I was asked to uninstall by a kind player.


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