Sooooo …has anyone else noticed wierd stuff going on in Ranked?

Now I know the 'official' line is there are no hacks but today in about 4 or 5 battles I've had:

Being shot through buildings, nor walls I mean whole 20 foot high buildings with no windows.

In all my years of Wot I have NEVER been ammoracked so much and from peaking or moving tanks in a split second.

Tracked from impossible angles, I mean I'm in a ditch, they see only the top of ny turret – how the hell do I get tracked?

So they are looking the opposite directio, I peak and take a shot and they get a hit – 180 degrees turret turn and shot in less than a second –How?

..and dont get me on the constant low rolls / ghost shells but thats another story.

I mean what is it ? Have the Warzone hackers decided to come F up another half decent game?

..but in all seriousness, something is not right – anyone else noticed?


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