STB-1 gun handling needs more buffs

Simply put, I have no idea what Wargaming thinks a buff to this gun is, because the changes haven't helped it hit a barn from the inside. I have never played a medium at tier 9 or 10 which is quite as inaccurate as this vehicle. I do not mean the size of the aim circle, which is kept mostly reasonable by the soft stats. I mean how much the shells go nowhere near the centre, and how slowly it aims in.

Some games I will struggle to do 1K damage even in optimal situations, because every shot either digs itself into the dirt, goes into the sky, or is magnetically attracted to enemy tracks or the thickest armour on their tank. Forget hitting weakspots, it won't happen at 100m or more. Forget penning anything without gold, your AP rounds will never go where you aim so you cannot guarantee where they hit will be the area their 258 pen is suited for. Forget firing on the move at all, it's not possible. Peeking a ridge requires you to aim for 2-3 seconds at anything but very close ranges, so you take multiple return shots, almost guaranteeing some will pen you.

Your minor DPM advantage means fuck all because of low alpha and gross unreliability of the gun. If you go hull down, arty will focus you mercilessly.

Is it so much to ask for 0.32 accuracy and an aim time reduction to make it competitive? I cannot be the only one who looks at 0.37 accuracy on a non-Russian tier X and winces. It's so punishing to correct medium tank play that the tank feels physically painful to play. For every game the gun works, and you farm 5K damage quickly, you get two or three where you cannot do anything at all, and every shot the RNG trolls you hard until arty puts you out of your misery.

I don't have a UDES 15/16 to compare to here, so anyone with that tank like to chip on on it's gun handling (not the paper stats, the in game feel) and tell me if it's the same story?


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