STB-1: To IRM or not to IRM

So, just recently I picked up the STB-1 using a combo of free exp and BPs. I'm enjoying the vehicle very much. As far as mediums go, so far it's about on par with my long lasting affection for the Obj 140 (if they buff it I'll probably play nothing else), but I don't quite like it as much as I do the Leopard 1.

I'm running bond vents and upgraded bounty stabs and rammer. I don't run food at the moment, but I will soon seeing as I haven't burned an AFE once in the 20 games I've played. I have a 3 skill full female crew from completing the T55A.

Where my problem lies is in the troll gun handling. In CQC if you can flank or just outright use your DPM right in someone's face you're fine. You don't need to rely on RNG. It's those mid to long range, constant miss shots that make me wanna flip my chair. I've only played 20 games so far in it with 6 4k+ games already, but EVERY game I miss around 4 or 5 shots I should have hit.

The point…. Is it worth running IRM for the boost to gun handling over vents? I also thought about turbo but decided against it just because i don't see the mobility being an issue.


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