Steel Hunter Footage Wanted

Hello tankers of reddit. I am planning to make an rng style compilation of exclusively Steel Hunter gameplay. What I would like are .mp4 video recordings of Steel Hunter matches. If you want to send in just a clip that would be epic but I will work with the entire recording as well. Anywhere I post the compilation I will give credit to the people involved. Steel Hunter replays cannot be recorded through the game client without mods.

You can use OBS Studios or screen capture software to get these recordings. Fullscreen is the most ideal setting as you get higher fps because the computer does not render anything else. If you have footage to send me you can email me at []( or you can send it to me through Any footage you can give me is very much appreciated. This is not a shameless plug for my YouTube channel. I want to make this video because I enjoy video making and I really like Steel Hunter.

If you do not like Steel Hunter but you have a friend that does, please be sure to tell them about this post. Again, it would be much appreciated if I can have as much footage as possible. Thank you all for reading have a nice day.


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