Steel hunter improvements

I know not everyone enjoyed the mode but I did. Most of it at least.

I'd like for it to come back in the future but it has major issues regarding balance that need to be addressed. There is a reason why 60% of the tanks in battles are Raven and Harbinger. They have too much armor, too much mobility and their DPM and pen advantage over everyone else is unnecessary.

If you have ever played the Arlequin and faced a Raven at the first loot point, you know what I am talking about. Might as well alt-f4 right now because you are not going to be able to disengage at all with like 5% better mobility and you have no chance to kill it unless he is afk. I personally like to lead them forever around a building to waste their game as well or just drive deep into the red zone so I die but they can't loot me.

Same goes for the Varyag, enjoy facing a Raven or Harbinger early on and getting eaten alive while bouncing your shots on their armor (which is not so great but your pen is even worse…). In fact, if you reach the end game it is even worse because they can upgrade Armor and your pen still sucks on the last derpy guns, this is absurd.

The mediums have pretty much all the advantages right now and, surprise, games are filled with them to the point it is barely fun anymore. Being slow and having a harder time to run around and collect loot, the heavies should have much more advantages than armor that can be ignored by pressing 2 on the top level mediums. Right now the heavies are a big yolo target and the only thing that's holding people back is the fear of being third partied while farming you since it does take some time to farm these easy HP.

Another point that's been ruining some games is the fact that the green loot is random, meaning you can get screwed pretty badly there and this should be fixed to a system that gives you a single item of each category before starting to stack indecent amounts of repair kits… but that's less important than the balance point in my opinion.

TL;DR Here are a few points of improvement that I feel would make the games more interesting, feel free to discuss

  1. Increase speed on level 1 Arlequin to allow it to flee from OP mediums
  2. Increase armor on level 1 heavies so mediums have to think before yoloing them
  3. Switch the pen of the mediums with the heavies (I like this idea more than #2)
  4. Make the green loot not random and give the item that you have the least amount of
  5. Start the game with a free radar scan so you can get that loot that spawned right behind you out of LOS. This could or could not show other players, I don't know.


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