Steel Hunter is a pretty decent gamemode

About to hit level 24 after playing a decent amount today. I've enjoyed it generally, but there are a few things that really bug me.

Number 1: Fires
Jesus. Christ. The amount you get lit on fire is absolutely insane. In 4 games, I've seen 6 or 7 fires in all of said games. The game I played before writing this, the very first hit I took was a fire. Needless to say I lost 2 chevrons that match.

Number 2: Stun
I personally think the stun for the airstrike is a few seconds too long. Nothing major, but sitting there for 20-30 seconds not being able to remove said stun is somewhat annoying. (one of the consumables may remove it and I might be unaware, if so correct me please)

There's also the annoyance of people trying to fight you right when you all spawn in, which just sets back everyone in said fight. Like come on man, why are you wasting your 8 shots on me when both of us can go do something better?
But other than all that, I've had fun. This'll be one of the few WG modes in a long time that I'll fully grind out.

Edit: another thing, tanks flip over too easily, but at least it automatically flips you back if you get stuck on your side.


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