Steel Hunter Stage 2 Warning

Be warned those who did the first stage and thought it was easy beans because you could pretty much complete missions only to get level 15. It is not quite that simple this time folks.

The damage missions are 4500 damage over any battles instead of 3000 AND it only awards 100 progression points instead of 200. Still 5 times a day. Net reduction per day of 500 points or 3500 over the week.

The other mission is destroy 2 vehicles over any number of battles instead of 1. Points the same at 100 and only once a day.

Total number of points needed to get level 15 is 4500. Total number of points you can gain from missions is 4200 instead of the previous 7700.

The warning is this, you must actually gain 500 total points from actually placing in the top 5.

I guess what I am trying to say, you better get yourself in Steel Hunter and make sure you get the missions everyday or it may be quite painful if you struggle at the mode.


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