Steel Hunter Tanks Randomly Ammo Racked

Hello people who play Steel Hunter. Anyone notice some Steel Hunter tanks having their ammo explode without any obvious reason? Idk I have seen it a couple times and it says they were "Lost in battle". I think I have an answer. Pretty sure they are just being salty and quitting back to the garage and Wargaming decided not to make people waste precious shells to kill these guys.

Always leaves a sour taste in my mouth to see someone do that. The loot is pretty nice though. It makes me wonder what they are doing. Maybe they are bad and are desperately farming points in a mode they hate and don't have enough energy to fight a battle when they think it's over? Or maybe they are salty seal clubbers that see things go wrong and audios. If they are the latter I wish they were around instead of back in the garage so I can give them a good spanking. I seal club all the time but there is a point you get to when it's just salty. For example, when I run out of ammo, I turn the tank so they can shoot me better, and raise the barrel as a salute, because they bested me fair and square.

So in conclusion if a Steel Hunter blows up for no reason they probably went to the garage, unless anyone has a better explanation.


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