Steel Hunter thoughts

I've managed to play 154 games of it already, 677 kills, 70 times placed 1st place.

My advices:
Walkure – played most with it, clearly it's the best on early and late game, taking better armor and autoloader works the best since there are a lot of face huggings.. it can dominate everyone, haven't really met a challenge using it, only times I lost were classic focus fire on me 1v2 or a bunch of 1v1 straight after another. 1v1 no one can challenge it. A lot of other details goes into it as well why it's the best, but it's too much to write 😀

Ruski – 2nd best in my opinion, won a lot of games as well, the early game is difficult with it if you meet walkure,, every shot counts and if you face hug him, will be difficult to pen since you can't reach cupola. late game is great if you have the mines, I take more HP and biggest gun, taking distance is important

Raven similar to harbinger, not great early game, with walkure havent lost a single early game 1v1.. so perhaps you need to get loot rather focus on fighting, and I prefer fighting, I guess that's why I didn't do that well with them.. late game both average..

Frenchie – literally just regret spending my time trying it out :D.. seen them be 1st when others die by the zone after 1v1 fight leaving this bug alive.. well, at least thats also how I got my win… if you want points, but lazy on playing, stay in the corners and wait till there are 5 remaining left.. overall.. "avoid".

Steel Hunter is pretty fun, some great moments, still improves you as a player if you try, I think there is too much hate towards it because of not great rewards or the fact that we have 8 months of steel hunter in a row instead of mixing it up with frontline, since battles usually take around 13-15 min, they could have gave at least 70k credits profit for 1st place then or some bonds.. rewards doesn't cut it, but fun is there. (Walkure needs a small nerf)


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