Stop flaming your team at lower tier (Tier VI and below)

I see this so commonly at lower tiers now that I’m grinding some of the Marks of Excellence. Some people get so mad at a team consisting of like Tier IV and V tanks telling them to uninstall for not supporting them, for not making plays, for not carrying, etc.

At high tier, whilst I still don’t agree with it, I can understand it more because by the time you get to Tier VIII or so you should have a fair idea of how to play the game. There are exceptions to this of course, especially since WG has made it so much easier to grind down tech trees now with blueprints and x5 missions everywhere, but for the most part there are more experienced players at these tiers.

But Tier V? You can get to Tier V within an afternoon from first installing the game nowadays, and even if you don’t, you get a free Tier VI tank from the tutorial missions. If you rage at a player around these tiers and call them a noob and learn to play, no shit mate. They ARE noobs. They may have only been playing for a few hours. And I don’t care how good you are at the game, nobody becomes good at World of Tanks within a few hours. It took me a couple of thousand games before I got above a 45% win rate. Everyone was bad to begin with because you’re still learning the mechanics.

Of course a new player isn’t going to try and support you because they may not see you’re trying to make a play. They may lemming up a flank because he saw it on YouTube and saw some guy have a crazy game doing the same thing – they may not know to look at the minimap and support a flank that’s about to be overrun. They might camp in their heavy because they don’t understand what a heavy tanks role is. Certainly, the tutorial to the game doesn’t explain any of this – not tank classes, view range, the value of looking at the minimap.

And trust me, I know how infuriating it is at lower tier now that I’ve played there a lot more recently. You could be winning 7-1 and your team still throws even after you’ve tried your hardest to carry them, because the Stug III G on your team doesn’t cap and tries to chase down a Type 64. I lost a game recently where we would have won if the other surviving playing I was with capped with me, but they didn’t, and decided to try and find the artillery which ended in a draw. I was angry, but I simply sent the surviving player a message saying we could have won if they had capped with me, just so they understood what they could have done better. That’s all you need – being toxic and telling them to uninstall is just going to make them uninstall, or turn chat off completely and miss out on good chat communication, which does happen from time to time.

I know World of Tanks has one of the most toxic communities, but if we could start by at least not driving players away before they even get into the meat of high tier, that would be great.


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