Stop hating on QuickyBaby

This has to stop. Recently there is more and more haters jealous of QuickyBaby success. Just because you dont have a following and nobody likes you, doesnt matter you can bring other people down. Especially talented ones like Will. He worked very hard (something you all know little about) for last 10 years, improved his content to best in whole WoT community.

He is the face of WoT and you should thank him that he keeps these servers active, becsuse if not him alot of people would be not playing.

He shows that WoT can be very enjoyable and that it has alot of good.

He helped so many new players learn how to not be useless, if not him many of you would not know how to play this game.

He created a huge platform that feeds this game money to sustain itself, his premium tank reviews get hundrets of thousands of views. If he says tank is good, it will be played by tousands of people.

He donated huge amounts of money to Charity for free, spended majority of his life entertaining people, most likely saved alot of lifes with hapiness that he provides to people.

And because he banned some stupid lithuanian youtuber that cant speak english properly and came to his live stream to steal his viewets now you all jump on him? Find some real meaning in your life and stop hating on people that deserve nothing but support and love.


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