Story Time Steel Hunter

Today I wanted to tell a story of something that happened to me in Steel Hunter. It's a very interesting one ngl.

I was playing Steel Hunter on the Common Test server the last week before it was released on the mainstream client. This happened on Arzagir 4.04. I was driving in the Walküre when I spotted another Walküre. I thought I could take them on, so I opened fire and perused them. A few too many ricochets later I was out of ammunition. They bested me, so I turned my tank sideways, and with about 120 HP remaining I raised the barrel as a salute, and waited for the finishing blow. But the finishing blow never came. Then it dawned on me they were out of ammunition as well.

So I drove out of the buildings. I turned my turret when they did not follow me, and then they began to follow me. We found an ammo dump, and I picked it up first, understandably worried they might stab me in the back, and they had every right to, as teaming is not allowed and corpses are one of the most valuable drops. So we continued like that, communicating with each other through primitive actions and gestures.

Later, when there were only four tanks left, and the zone was going to close in on us, he shot me, trying to goad me into attacking him, but I ignored it and finished off a nearby Varyag. Then, the zone closed in on us, I used the turbocharger to try and escape but it was too late, they were swallowed by the zone, seconds later, so was I, leaving a victorious Arlequin to move on and brag about his conquest. I would have been disappointed, maybe sad, even, but that was so much farther than either of us expected to get. I wanted to contact this person, but I was sad to discover the "_RU" at the end of their name. It would be very egotistical of me to send a message to them in English and just expect them to know it, and it would be insincere to send a message with translation errors in it. So I decided it was best to simply move on with my life. But I am here today because I could never forget it.

Notice: I condone any form of teaming inside the single person part of Steel Hunter, and I especially hate and condone teaming across multiple platoons in the platoon part of it. The only reason I teamed in this case, is because I thought we were both designated by RNGesus for death already and I didn't expect us to make in very far. We were out of ammo and could not possibly ram each other to death so a mutual truce was decided on. I also think that there is nothing wrong with the truce as we had extremely limited communication and there was no previous communication or agreement. You can decide for yourself what is and is not breaking the rules but I believe that in this case what I did was an honorable thing to do. I would really like to hear your stance on this and your reasons for that stance, and it would be very interesting to get a moderator's, or staff's opinion on this matter.


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