Strange person I met

So I recently played and there was a person who asked me to platoon, I accepted and we did a few battles. He told me that his keyboard got jacked up so what he was saying was hard to make sense.
I’m just assuming that he’s a guy. Viewing his account shows he joined 12/31/12 and he has 34k battles so he is a veteran player, although he does have a 45% win8

After a few matches he started asking me if I knew what “fast cap mod” is and said something about 30% boost in capping and destroying the thing under the flag of the base your capping.

Another thing he said was something like “the good tanks are only good for a year”. When I asked to play tier 6, he said that he’s pissed off about getting a lot of his tanks taken away. When I asked about it he said that he got a lot (or all) of his premium tanks taken away. He then claimed that he has over 100 accounts, and then said something like “they can’t find them all”.

I asked him later if he thought the game was rigged or not and he did say yes, he also said that he’s been playing for 19 years (although I think he meant to say 9). Later on a match he asked if I got the “5 free tier 8 premium tanks” and when I asked him how to get them he said “it’s from the missions” and “mission 11”.

He told me to go to the big number in the garage (the battle pass) and go to 11 and he said something like “once you see mission 11 you can get your tanks”. I told him that it was just 1 day of premium account and I don’t remember what he said exactly but it is something like, “it’s past the higher ones and keeps going”

Note: My memory is fuzzy and I’m going to state again that he said his keyboard is f*ed up so it was hard to make out and remember what he said. It was all said in a platoon channel, I didn’t think to take pictures so sorry for not having proof. There are some thing’s that I didn’t include but he kept talking about “fast cap mod” and he said something about a “light cheat”.

I’m not trying to get attention by making something up, all I’m doing is just seeking answers if anyone knows what this guy is talking about.


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