Strv K stats – what’s even going on

Seriously, I want to know who's ass they've been pulling the numbers from. Seriously, they make no sense to me.

You would think that, it literally being the Kranvagn hull that the hull stats; engine power, traverse and max speeds, etc should all be very similar if not the same… No. It's 20km/h slower, nearly 2hp/t worse and yet has turret and hull traverse speeds better then the Centurion 7/1.

Speaking of, the gun is the 105mm L7 off the Centurion's… so why is there a 19mm penetration difference? Why is the shell velocity so much lower? I can only assume it's because the Strv K gets a 298mm pen and 1523m/sec shell velocity on premium APCR over the Centurions HESH.

To be fair, the gun stats kinda make sense to me as a way of differentiating it from the Centurions. But there's really no excuse for the massive discrepencies in hull stats other then WG having no idea what they're doing… which realy shouldn't surprise me.


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