Strv S1 is absolute trash !

Finally reached 60 battles with this tank: 33.33% win rate!! Admittedly I don't like turretless TDs, but I still have 68% with ISU-152 and ~60% with Obj 704/268. I even have whooping 70% ratio with the silly T28 HTC.

30mm of armor is overmatched by pretty much every gun in battles.

Getting spotted and light goes up? You'd get hit at least twice while waiting for it to switch off siege mode just to move behind the rock.

Forced to help the team in close quarter combat? It's as useless as SPG due to that siege mode.

Non existent armor and siege mode force this tank to adopt very passive style, meaning I can't influence the battle as much as I can with other tanks. I don't think i'm bad player (due to my overall WR and WN8), so what's your opinions with Strv S1? I'm seriously thinking about giving up on 103B tree and sell this trash for some credit.


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