Suicide should be automatically bannable

Like it says on the title. Suicide should be automatically bannable. First offense: immediate 15 minute ban, doubling for each subsequent offense. The doublings last for 7 days each. Accidental suicides should not be that often, so this would not be a problem for them.

If this can't be implemented in an automated way, WGNA should do this with each ticket that shows a suicide–immediately ban the player for 1 day (no warning), then 2, then 4, etc…

Also, we deserve to know who gets banned from our tickets. Right now submitting tickets seems completely useless because people just keep on going, I've checked.

Until I see people getting banned for this, the only conclusion I can draw is that WGNA has done literally nothing to solve this problem. Warnings don't count, they don't change behavior. Only by actually banning these physics abusers can we change their behavior.


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