Swedish Medium Tank Line Review.

Ok so I have fully grinded down the swed medium line and I have played a bunch of the tier 10 swed medium so I think I should let people know about it. I’ll also go over my experience with it in ranked.

The swed medium line for me really started at tier 7, with every tank below it being very hard and not fun to play. The Leo with the 105 is godlike at tier 7 and I had fun playing that tank.

Now jump up to tier 8 and the stock grind is worse than the Leo’s. If you ever see any UDES 14 5 driver use the 90mm, they are only grinding for the 105 as both of the 90mm suck immensely and I would rather no one touch them ever again. That said though, once fully upgraded, the tank is pretty average but the 105 is satisfying to use. Since the turret is paper in comparison to other Swed med, make sure you are not the focus of the enemy team on a ridge line. You are a support vehicle on a ridge line.

Jumping to tier 9, you get stroink turret. It does still seem almost like paper against tier 9 and tier 10 tanks, but the upgraded turret is much better. Overall I would give this tank a hard meh as the upgraded 105 doesn’t give the same wow factor that the tier 8 one does. Due to how ultra low profile the tank is, you would have to hug the ridge line even more than in the UDES 15/16. If you so much as poke out one inch more in that tank, you are able to be shot. Not a negative, just something to be mindful of. If you have the tier 10 researched at this point, I would sell this tank as the tier 10 is probably my favorite tank.

The UDES 15/16 has to be one of the most fun tanks I have played at tier 10 (I only have 3, but soon 5 with the EBR 105 and the FV4005). Keep in mind I do have a purple rammer on it, but I will say even without a bond rammer it still performs well. Considering most people don’t know how to play against this thing when it goes hull down, you can just sit on top of a ridge line most of the time and take a lot of shells (except HE, which I’ll go over in a second). The mobility, while not fantastic like a progetto or Leopard 1, is still very nice for a turret that is as heavily armored as it. I could go on and on about it, but to sum it up it’s just like a Russian medium turret with 13 degrees of gun depression.

What’s shit? Well hull is still paper so that won’t change but it’s really bad to charge opponents head on if there is a considerable distance between you and them. Unlike the tier 9 (I think, but I don’t remember exactly), the fuel tanks are in the front, leading to many fires if you are not careful. To avoid getting hit in the fuel tanks when charging a guy, charge him at an angle so that it’s harder to hit where they are. Risky moves I have done (but they still work in some situations) include getting real close to paper mediums and just abusing the hell out of them. If you only show your turret to them, they mostly don’t know what to do, but unlike most soviet mediums this tank has cupolas. That’s right, plural cupola, as in two cupolas. Mind you they are still soviet sized, but if the person you are face hugging is smart they will aim for those so be mindful of that. If you get rushed by heavies when on a ridge line you can use your mobility to out play them, but most of the time if it’s only you, you’re kinda boned. I think the one thing that really kills this tank is accuracy. If you are just aiming at something in general and know you will pen, then this thing can do it. If there’s some small weak spot on the tank and it’s far away though, it’s better just to move closer than to fire as both reduce your camo. This distance I would say is the distance from A1 to A6 on highway as I was aiming for a JP E100 lower plate and I was having a bit of a hard time. Also since people don’t know how to aim, most will lob HE at you and artillery love you too, so if that starts happening, peek-a-boom instead.

Is it better than a 430U? I don’t think so but even if I thought it was, I don’t have the tank so I couldn’t tell you. There are some things the Swed medium does better than a 430U and some others a 430U can do. You make the judgement from that. I will say though that both tanks have easy to hit frontal fuel tanks, so nothings different in that aspect.

As for ranked, it’s probably going to be my main tank in ranked as I don’t have some overpowered tank for it. This tank fills the hull down meta guidelines and I have found it quite fun to use in ranked despite not having the best crews. This ranked review may be short and sweet, but it mainly is as most of the time everything up above about the UDES 15/16 happens to me in ranked.

So should you grind down Swed medium? Well it depends. The tier 8 and tier 9 grind was ok, but was no where near as fun as the early Italian tanks, however the tier 10 for the Sweds was more fun for me than the tier 10 spaghetti. To go down this line, you have to look at the 430U and decide which one would you rather play. I am more of a gun depression and ridge line freak so I knew Swed medium was for me, but a 430U can take more of the heat that brawling has (literally and figuratively). If you love the ridge line like me you would love Swed mediums, but if you love to brawl a bit more with other heavy tanks maybe you should stick with the meta and grab a 430U. If you already have a 430U, go down this line. It does not disappoint.

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