Sweedish Leo – this accurcacy/aimtime is pathetic

Overall the Leo is… lets just say average.

Thin paper, decent mobile and 300dmg aint bad a punch… even if the pen is mediocre…

However… the aimtime and dispersion are nothing short of KV2… without Russian bias!

The reticle is big enough to park my Maus sideways in and STILL have a 20% miss chance…

and if i dare to move said Maus…… – good luck hitting it's broadside!

Now i hear you say "why not use the 7.5 instead of the 10.0 gun? 0.33 is not bad!

That's, in fact, a fair argument to make but… the Leo is paper-thin and not NEARLY agile enough to work this DPM.

You can't sidescrape. You can't peek hills or bounce anything with your turret, so the enemy has to be very distracted for you to get time to work. This opportunity you do not get often.

Also, the penetration on the smaller gun is 7mm worse than the already "meh" 155 of the top gun and we all remember the heavy armor thrown into the game. Nost just talking the japanese here, but some wanna be russians (because, ofc russian!) which can be tough nuts. This tank is Tier 7 so it will face up to tier 9 and… ha… good luck with that. You will need every mm of penetration you can get.

So your choice is a: hit and don't pen or do very little damage…. or b: hit once in a while and do good damage.

Does either of these choices sound enjoyable to you?

I would prefer to be rewarded for good aiming with a precise gun…. ORRRR take a gambe (like on kv2/ or 183), yet neither is really an option here. Its quite half-assed and neither feels rewarding to play with.

I think the 7.5 should get a boost in penetration (10~20mm) and the big gun just a 2.5 instead of 3s aim time.

This way you can put your money down and say skill vs gamble! but either way, you can be of SOME value for your team.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/d0vquf/sweedish_leo_this_accurcacyaimtime_is_pathetic/

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